Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Some old and some New!!

Well I did this Uncle Sam coaster for a Crochet-a-long for a group I am in, and I think it is too big to be a coaster, and too "bumpy" for one I made just the one, and will use him as a hanging decoration. I do think he came out cute.

I did this Whale toilet paper cover....this is Ivory's pattern, and you can click her name to go to her Etsy site. I think this is too cute, and I have another tp cover she made me in my bathroom too. Now I never thought of any kind of crochet for the bathroom, I always thought that was just not right.....but you know? I love crochet and I love decorating a room to make it look "comfortable" and when I first got my tp cover from a swap, I have to say I do like I think there might be just a bit more crochet in my bathroom.
These were also for a crochet a long in the same group, and they are cute!!!

I was organizing my pictures on my computer and came across some ones from May...these are from when my father took the boys and Fernando to the River Festival. Here the boys are sitting by the river watching the boats go by.

Mr Aiden cleaning my van......he was vacuuming it out, I had to snap this dad had been doing it, but Aiden insisted he do it. He did a great job too.

AJ and Fernando coming back from boating on the river.

Aiden tumbling down the hill.
My mom and AJ......very rare that she gets her picture taken, but I did manage to snap this.


Crafty Christina said...

Uncle Sam is beyond adorable! The TP cover is cute too. I never thought to have crochet in my bathroom either. Love the chicken potholders. I keep meaning to try one, but haven't done it yet.

Caroline said...

You did a great job on Uncle Sam.....darling! Looks like more rain...stay dry!