Sunday, February 18, 2007

Tuesday, January 30, 2007 Old Post

wow I know its been awhile since i last wrote in here, I tried to this past weekend, but could not get into it.
Had a great weekend, Saturday morning AJ had his basketball game, and they won..........Aiden was there clapping along with everyone else. I just sat on the floor with him instead of the bleachers, so he could move around better and of course dump everything out of my purse. Afterwards Aiden and I came home and he was a sleepy boy. Aj was having a sleepover with some friends, so we really missed him.
Aj came home early Sunday and off to a birthday party.........had a lot of fun.
I am really pissed at Child Support, I finally get a judgement, and now it seems i have to fight to get the money..............I have only received one payment...........suppose to get two a month...........i got one earlier this month, stocked up on diapers and wipes and stuff, now I am almost out of diapers and stupid Child support says they sent my payment last week to the CORRECT address, which means i should have gotton it yesterday, but so far it has not been received, it only takes a day to get where it needs to go! I called them today when it did not show up and they don't know where its at??? it was mailed to the correct place last week, but they have not received it!! So there it is off floating around space!!
I will write more later when i calm down and relax some.......

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