Sunday, February 18, 2007

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Well its been a busy week so far...........Our weekend went good, I decided to keep Aj home Saturday morning from his basketball game. Friday evening he had been running a slight temperature, plus it was going to be extremely cold that morning, and I did not see the sense in getting the boys out in that cold. So He did go with Brett and Aiden and I stayed home and relaxed a bit.............ohhh I almost forgot, last Friday was a bake sale at AJs school......and I told me dad to give him some money from my wallet so he could buy something.......well AJ had about 2 dollars and a quarter on his shelf, and he grabbed that and said he was going to give that to a girl in his class who doesn't have money! OMG I thought that was sooooo sweet!!!!!! I didn't tease him about it, but told him how incredibly nice that was of him and such a gentleman.........although he didn't get to buy anything, his bus was very late that morning, and the sale sold out of everything early!
So anyway, Sunday I took the boys to Mcdonalds for ice cream and so they could play at the playplace, it was way too cold to play they had fun there, Aiden was asleep when we got there, and we had to sit in the lobby next to the playhouse because it was so busy!! We finally got a table inside and of course Aiden woke up then. He loves going up there.
I finally got a payment from Child support yesterday, it was only over a month late, I am still owed 2 more payments, not Thiens fault though, its coming out of his checks.........but Ca is taking forever to send off..........anyway we went grocery shopping, we were out of everything, i paid some stuff, and stocked up on diapers and wipes!!! I never know when the next one will come. Anyway Aiden was so cute in the store, those beautiful brown eyes of his get him attention, as do his laughs and even his cries.........he was so tired and i was holding him, and his little tears were falling onto my back! I got him laughing though and let him walk around, he stays close of course, and helps push the cart, and when he does, he takes little baby goofy boy!!
Got home and man was i sore!! My back, feet and knees were killing me, Aiden fellasleep pretty quickly. I have been getting up with AJ to get him off to school, since dad was working a few days earlier than usual.................and Aiden would get up a few minutes after me, and then fights to take a he has been very tired.........
Early this morning, he was fussy throughout the night, but then i heard him making this choking noise and I got up really fast and heard him vomiting, and man i picked him up in the dark, ran to turn the light on, and he was covered in it!! (yuck) i know but imagine how my little guy felt, i started cleaning him up, then put him in the bath, which usually he loves, but he didn't this morning at first..........after that he played with AJ before Aj left for school, and then he was so tired. I went back to lay down with him, and he was falling asleep, then got sick again!!! He was so frustrated and sad! I hate when he is sick, Aj too. We got up changed and cleaned him up, and he was off and running, finally fell asleep, but only for about an hour! Will go get him some 7-up and Pedialyte later. He did eat a bit of chicken soup, ate about half, so hopefully he will keep that down.

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