Monday, February 19, 2007


Well Evelyn called me from Child Support, we are still missing payments, and CA is not returning calls at all. We don't know if they are open today though, some places I am sure closed for Presidents day.

Anyway I am back with blogger, of course this blog was already open and started, just hadn't done anything more to it. I really need to keep this one going though.

Its been a busy month, but February has gone by so fast. Earlier this month AJ has conferences at his school. His went well, he still needs some help in Math, but we have a tutor coming over once a week to help him with math, and I also help him as well. His class had thier Valentines party on Wednesday.....we made 24 cup cakes and also brought salsa. I went to help out too, which was fun, the kids had fun and really liked having chips and salsa. Everyone loved the cup cakes too. After the party, school was out, so we went home, and found snow had accumulated on the ground in the short time I was in there. It was really coming down........but at the end of the night it was gone, and the next day what little we had on the ground was gone.

AJ missed school on Thursday because he was running a fever that morning when i got him up for school, not to mention he was like a zombie, he could not even focus his eyes. Later that day, Aiden peed on the couch by accident, (those little boys!!) My mistake for changing him on it, but i took all the material off the cusions and my mother washed them, so later that night after putting them back on, Aiden comes to snuggle with me on the couch, and get sick all over the couch, me, himself and the floor, so I had to clean that up, get Aiden and I in a shower to clean up too, and I got everything cleaned up and smelling much better............Thankfully! He seemed fine after that, so obviously something just didn't agree with his little tummy!

Saturday was AJs last basketball game, they played well, but the other team was ahead, and the kids taking score were also cheating, they kept giving the other team points for no baskets, and our team was cheated out of points when we made baskets, which we were losing anyway , but that is not the message we want to teach our kids. That you can cheat and get away with it, because the coach and parents of the cheating team are allowing it and not saying a word. It really frustrated a lot of us parents. After the game they got some really cool medals and bottom line is they had fun, played thier best, the won some games and lost some, and had a lot of fun doing it.

So anway I will finish up more later, have to get something to eat in the boys. I am back to counting my calories too.

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