Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Black Mage Pattern Tested

I was able to test another pattern for a Mage, you can find the designers website here
I enjoyed this pattern to, very east to make as it was very much like the White Mage.

Here is the happy couple together...pretty cute huh? LOL I love the colors.

As you can see the robe for the Black mage starts out exactly like the White Mage....section one is far right, section 2 in the middle and section 3 on the left side.
Here is the robe with more rows added on top of the sections.
Robe with front left side added on.
Here he is.......he is so cute, and again my mom claimed him, they are a couple my mom says!! LOL

I am tired, so hoping to get to sleep early tonight........I went to Amandas program, she is in high school, and the choir really sang beautifully........

I also cut AJs hair today, will get some pictures up tomorrow, he was sick this morning, but luckily he was fine later in the day, so I am thinking something he ate didn't agree with him.

My stomach is not as bad as yesterday, but still when I stand it will bother me, but so far not as bad, so thankfully its not getting worse. I don't want the flu again. Nor a cold.

Well I guess I should concentrate on some swaps, I have a month to get them done, but I like to get an early start on them.


Caroline said...

Love them! They are soooo cute! So sorry to hear you had that horrible bug! Knock wood, we've been healthy except for a bout of strep!

Caroline said...

Tag, you it! see my blog!

Lesalicious said...

You did great love them all. Great tester you did.:)

Rachel said...

Hey Aurora, could you email me. I think you still have my email. :) I love your crocheted items! :)