Tuesday, March 11, 2008

White Mage

Well I finished the White Mage Pattern Click link for her website with pattern. .I tested this for a lady on Crochetville. I really enjoyed this and hope to test more patterns. I took some pictures for anyone who might be just learning crochet or those of us who like seeing pictures of the progress.

This is the starting of the Robe rows 1-10
Adding section 1
Section 1 & 2 of robe
all three sections of robe.
Rows 16 - 31
Sl Stitching row 31 closed at the top to form the hood
and here she is!! I think she is just really cute, and I loved making her. My mother has already claimed her....she claimed her as I was just starting her. So I gave her to my mom tonight.
This is a side view of her.

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