Wednesday, May 21, 2008

AJ came home from school with a ton of papers, always the last week, they come home with a ton of stuff.........I was going through all of it when I came across a folder with a picture of him on the was AJ when he was in Kindergarten.........they had saved certain things he had done in every grade! I really thought that was so sweet of the school to was nice looking and reading through stuff AJ had done since he started school...........and it made me really did..........he has grown so much since kindergarten............and now he is graduating elementary school. Some parents don't really think its a big deal, but I do. LOL
He is graduating tomorrow...........then a reception will follow and then he will go swimming with his class for the rest of the day. He is going to like that..........They also want them dressing nice, so I went out tonight and got him a really nice outfit to wear. I mean its just Khaki pants and a nice polo top..........but he has outgrown the nice clothes he has! LOL
I let the boys play outside for awhile with AJs friend Nando, they were getting ready to go to church. I worked on some crochet on the porch, and I am finished with the amigurumi graduation boy, I just need to put it together.
We have storms coming in.....not sure if they will hit us tonight, or tomorrow I need to get off of here and clean up a bit, the boys will be home soon, and I will give them dinner before taking Nando home.

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