Monday, May 05, 2008

It's Monday

This are two very pretty bookmarks and a book from Kairi in France, this was for our Buddy Swap in April. I hope she likes mine.

This is a Birdhouse Bells I did, and don't like it one bit, not sure why. The bottom picture is a pink heart square I did for a swap. I like it.

Well I did a cardio workout this morning..........I didn't get through the whole thing........she moves from one thing to another really fast..........I did that for 15 minutes and stopped, I figured just starting out that was fine.......I will work 10 minutes on the treadmill and 10 minutes on that ski machine or whatever it is called...........I did do about 5 minutes on the stair steppy thing this afternoon, and that was plenty!! LOL I will do strength training tomorrow and Thursday.

I also got my package boxed up for my SS, but forgot to take pictures!! I don't really want to pull everything out again.

I have decided to work on a few comforghan squares for some I have a couple more swap stuff to finish up on.

I have been waiting for a long time to post pictures to this blog, but it is not going through.

I took the boys to the park yesterday with chris and they all had a blast, Aiden rode the train twice and the boys played mini was crowded, but a good day. AJ and Chris went out on the paddle boats and luckily came back in one piece and drenched, but luckily not from falling in!! They kept going under the water fountain. LOL

I see the pictures finally uploaded, but one is missing, so uploading again, then will go rest a bit.

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Caroline said...

Love the birdhouse!