Friday, May 23, 2008

I am so tired........LOL Yesterday was a very busy day for us. AJ was having his 5th grade graduation..........we got there early because I had a change of outfit for him..we were able to get front row seats.........and the kids all looked so cute in their hats and walking down the aisles..........I did end up sitting on the wrong side, so when the kids received their certificates, I got the back end of them. LOL I could not move to the other side, because Aiden would not let me.......he was fussing a bit.........he was hot and tired........but he was not acting up too much, he wanted to take pictures I let him for awhile, then after the ceremony, there was cake and stuff, and Aiden sat very calmly and ate his cake, he is not a messy eater at would think with cake that he would have it all over him........but not my little Aiden, he does not like to have stuff like food on him........Anyway the kids all went swimming, and my mom and I took Aiden to Mcdonalds to play in the Playhouse for awhile, before heading to the store, then home again.......

We had cake and ice cream for AJ, my parents and I just put money in his cards.......that way he can just go pick something out for him. I did finish his graduation amigurumi which he loved, and I printed out a small diploma and rolled it up and used that. I will post pictures later today, but for now I am just tired and want to work on some crochet.

AJ is spending the night with a friend and they are going to watch, "Indiana Jones" this afternoon.

It looks like it could start storming out any minute now.

My parents got Aiden a little of those that run on a battery.......Aiden LOVES it..............they lady still needs to get us the battery charger..........its in excellent condition.............her son grew out of it apparently very quickly! LOL

I will post pics later today, but for now I am off to crochet.


Wanda Kay said...

I just can't believe how the boys are growing, especially AJ. I can remember when it was just him, and he was such a cute little fellow. Now he is a handsome and proud big brother.

The little dolls you made look great.

Rachel said...

great pictures! :)

Dragonflymom said...

Yes Wanda, they are growing up so fast...I just took some pictures yesterday of AJ with his new golf clubs,and was amazed at how grown up he looked. :(