Friday, July 25, 2008

AJ is Coming Soon!!

Well I feel happier today knowing that tonight AJ will start making his way home.............they should arrive tomorrow early afternoon. I can tell you that I will not let him out of my site!! LOL. I have missed him so much, and we all have, even Aiden, who keeps asking where AJ is.

AJ started out Tuesday spending all day at Sea World, he got to dine with Shamu, give hand singles, and feed too. He was so excited about doing that. Wednesday they spent all day at Schlitterbahn Water park and got really burned, because they forgot to put sunscreen on.........which didn't make me happy at all. I can see him forgetting, but not the adults! Thursday they went back to Sea World and swam with sea Lions, I bet he had fun, he sure sounded like he did, they left in the afternoon to replace a cell phone that had gotten wet Tuesday by Shamu and then headed back to Sea World, but it was closed because of the rain and storming making its way closer.........AJ was not happy about that.............and not happy about spending so much time driving to Arlington, but I got him to cheer has been spent at Six Flags over texas and he is still there and will leave when they close and start heading out home..............they will spend the night in Oklahoma, then start back out Saturday morning.

I cleaned out the boys closet and drawers in their room, and have been crocheting on and off stormed earlier this evening and we had some flooding near by, but luckily nothing came close to the house.

I have some pictures to post, but am waiting for the battery to charge.

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