Thursday, July 17, 2008

Family Update

Its HOT out........really hot outside, so hot and humid the boys don't even want to go out and play. I don't like them temps when they get this hot, I guess it would not be so bad if we didn't have the humidity.

I have been so busy lately....we got new furniture last week, and I was cleaning and rearranging things for a few really took a toll on me and I was not able to get to much crocheting. I love the new furniture, and it looks so much better in the living room now then it did with the old stuff. Everything matches now!! The boys love it too. Other than that not much is going on.....we had a friend over last night for dinner, made homemade mac n cheese....yummy! AJ has a nasty cold, and is out right now with a friend......they are practicing golf.....I am also going through some emotions right now too, AJ is going out of town for a whole week next week, he is going to Texas and I am going to miss him something awful.........but I know he will have fun, and really enjoy the things he will be able to do while there. He leaves Monday after his last golf game, and come home Friday night, early Saturday morning if they decide to stay overnight on the road. I will need to get a better web cam, the old one I have is not Vista ready and the Dell is too slow to work it right.

Today has been a slow day so far, got up and made the boys eggs for breakfast......then took a friend to pay her gas bill.....Aiden got really hot doing that.......I don't leave the car running since gas is too expensive to just burn away sitting there, so the air was not on............I finally told her that she needed to hurry, apparently she was short a few dollars and was on the phone with the gas company.....she could have just paid what she had then called them.........she would have had to pay anyway regardless of whether she had the few dollars more, I am talking about a dollar and 50 cents short!!!!! it was just too hot for that kind of nonsense!

We made it home and Aiden is cooled down.

This is Aiden in the chair I got for my mom, its a rocker recliner, and she can sit and get out of this one a lot easier than the other furniture, its high enough for her. Aiden was trying to "claim" it.
I love this picture of the boys and myself.....just look at those handsome smiles!!! Those boys of mine are so handsome.
This is the love seat with coffee table in front of it, the table has tiles in it.....stone far the boys have not been rough housing in the living room anymore.

AJ getting ready to go have lunch yesterday......handsome huh? LOL

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