Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cold, Warm, Cold, Warm and Cold AGAIN

Here is Austin out playing in the snow the other day, of course that snow is gone now as we got a lot of rainy/misty warm weather yesterday. It was warm today, but apparently the temperatures will fall again tomorrow and Sunday very cold. Austin will be gone this weekend, going to the Great Wolf Lodge. I will miss him.
Little Aiden out playing in the snow. He loved it, He loves throwing snow balls, but does NOT like snow on his face, and who would? LOL He had a lot of fun out playing in the snow.
I finally got started on a Star Wars afghan for Aiden........his will be a bit different than Austins, I will be changing the colors around, and his will be smaller for now. I will add more to it.......these are the first two squares crocheted together. Aiden is so happy I am making it for him, he keeps checking on my progress and saying he can't wait for his blanket.
Guess what these are??? well?????? ok ok, these are Yoda parts!! LOL I made them tonight, and will sew him together tomorrow. Austin wanted this for a gift for someone. I will probably also make one for him and Aiden as well.

Today was better than yesterday..........I had to take mom to the dr today and we didn't get home until about 6 and Austin had basketball practice tonight too..........It was so warm today, but tomorrow they say the temperature will fall drastically. Anyway Aiden took a magnet and rubbed it on our T.V. Screen, and now there is a color distortion.......I hope it fades.

I am going to get to bed, I took some pain pills tonight, My head and back hurt.


Crafty Christina said...

That afghan is going to be SO cool. I love Star Wars and Yoda! I'm a girl geek who can't get enough of the series!

sissie said...

we have not gotten any snow yet but are calling for 2 inches by tomorrow. I am hoping:))

you have a merry christmas

Dragonflymom said...

Thanks, Christina...I love Star Wars too, anything science fiction!! LOL

I am hoping for more snow too Sissie, so if you get some before me, you have to share!!

Unknown said...

How adorable!

Caroline said...

Love the snow pics! Are you getting this terrible rain, like we are today? I can't wait to see Yoda!!! The afghan is going to be great, waht a high bar you have set for yourself!