Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Crochet Update

My crochet has taken a back seat lately..........I have not been in much of a crochet mood lately. This Yoda was done last week. Austin wanted me to do one for a friend of his. I think he came out really cute and I forgot to take a picture of the back of him, but he has a hat on his robe........Brett really liked him. Austin was so happy that I made this for Brett and wants one for himself too.
Ok the dark brown does not show up very well.......or rather too dark, but this is Sackboy......we could not find grey felt to make a "zipper" or a zipper head, so we just bought a zipper and cut it down and put it on............This was also made for a Christmas present from Austin to Brett, and I also have to make one for Austin too. It came out cute, but I did not like making this pattern. the head and body are done in two pieces then sewn together. It came out really cute and the designer did an amazing job, as he looks very much like the "real" character.
This is called the Flower Power square designed by SmoothFox, Donna..........she really does an awesome job with designing squares.
I also tested this square for her as well, which she is calling the Coral Square becuase she used the Coral color........I used pink raspberry, but really liked this square too. She is looking for a name.

I will update Christmas soon............


Caroline said...

Happy New Year! The Yoda is sooooo cute, my guys would like him too! Good job on your squares!

Christina Barosko said...

You do an wondeful job on all your crochet projects. They turn out so cute. :o)