Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I finished this Christmas Angel Crinoline Doily for a crochet-a-long in a group. She came out really pretty, this is the one I used the pearl size 5 thread.
I started this "Holly and Berries" crinoline doily for the same CAL and I can't crochet anymore right right hand is swollen and hurting something awful. So I am taking break from crocheting for feels like someone took a hammer and smashed my hand.
I sent this stuff to a Secret Sister, Minday......I hope she likes it.


Caroline said...

Hope your hand is better! The cold is wicked up here, stay warm! Love the angel, what delicate work!!!!

sissie said...

I love the angel Doily you made here. was it easy to make? are do i need to make it a wish for you to do me one LOL


Dragonflymom said...

LOL Sissie, it was easy.....but if you want to make it a wish for yourself, I will grant it! :)

Thanks Caroline hope you are warm too, I hear most of Kansas got snow. We got 3" woohoo LOL