Monday, December 08, 2008


Well I managed two posts yesterday and today.........woohoo for me huh? LOL This will be short as I am tired. The weekend went really well, quiet and relaxing.....not much happened......Austin was with a friend Saturday and Aiden and I hung out. Sunday I took the boys out to lunch and let Austin have a friend over to play, which Aiden liked too......they played outside for awhile because it was not windy and not that cold either.

I started a Crinoline doily that I am doing in a crochet-a-long in a group........I did the first 17 rows just a bit ago, and the picture above was taken with my phone. I am using a Pearl thread which only comes in a size 5........using a size 8 hook and so far its working up fast and I love the thread!!! Its very easy to use.

Well I am off for now.

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Unknown said...

I love your crochet work, it is truly beautiful!