Saturday, June 06, 2009

Busy Saturday

This is the Busy Bee done for a Ami Things with wings swap in the group, Amigurumi Swaps & More group, I made this for Tiffany, and had a hard time parting with her... If you are interested in the pattern, check out this BLOG You can also find a link to her Etsy store there as well. She does such cute projects.
I made this Purple Butterfly for the same Ami group for the swap, "Any Cute Ami done in purple. This went to Tiffany.
I also did Belle again for a Birthday swap in the Ami group and this also went to Tiffany, this is a side view of her, and I did her in a C hook this time which seems to be my favorite hook size with Ami's.......I think I did a better job with her this time around. Which makes me think I might redo the Cinderella and the Aurora dolls too.
The front of her.

Wow my day started out busy...........but no major issues, except for the neighbor girl from across the street bugging me since last night........I don't like that parents/grandparents don't teach them manners..........We set up a pool last weekend, and this little girl visiting her grandma yesterday wanted to swim, and we said tomorrow afternoon well yesterday she came over to play with the boys and I said they were not home, and I got the third degree from her......anyway she did that 3 other times and finally I went and told her grandma and that if she wants to play with the boys today and go swimming, that I would send the boys over sometime today when they were ready........well I got online this morning to check something and her son IMed me and I said we were cleaning and we would let them know.......well 10 minutes later here comes the girl..........we told her no that we had cleaning and stuff to do, and we would come for her when we were ready.........well an hour later here she comes again!!!! we told her we would be done in 2 hours, I told her grandma too.........well not more than 30 minutes later, she comes and walks right into our house.....I told her to go home and don't come back until we come to get her.......... I don't really care, I am not the local pool and playground for the neighorbood kids..........they come over and fight my kids for their own toys. Both Austin and Aiden have scooters, and these kids will come over and immediately jump on them, the girl will walk over and grab it from Aiden and say its my turn now........I have told her to stop, that I don't really like other kids playing on them, they might get hurt and I don't want that responsibility or to feel bad that they got hurt. Anyway We got the toys organized, under all the beds cleaned, I got the sheets off of my bed and Aiden's bed, and I also cleaned the utility room, did 3 loads of laundry, and we got part of the closet most is done.....I will finish up the closet later today when I make the beds..........

No crochet for me yet............I was working on an Ami dragon for a Wish in a group and last night I put his "parts" together.........the body, the head, snout, two ears, two horns, two eyes, two eyelids, two legs, and two arms.........Whew!! LOL I want to get working on him some more today and get him finished.

I need to run to Walmart to buy a new umbrella for our patio table, the one we had was left out and open in the wind, and it broke.........this will be our third one that I get today, so hopefully that is the charm to help us keep this one closed and safe!! LOL

Well I am off to finish up the kitchen and get some crocheting done once I get back from walmart.

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Caroline said...

Busy! Busy! love all your ami's, but the bee is my fav! Your guys are getting so big!