Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

Well we finally got around to setting up the pool again, and the place we wanted to put it, would not work as the tree was in the it basically had to go in the same place.....Aiden actually got in the pool this time, you can see above, he would NOT go in before......he was always so afraid, so I was pretty proud of him. The pool leans, but I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE IT DOWN. I will buy some really good grass seed though to lay down after the pool comes down in a couple of months.

It was super hot today..........the humidity was really nasty and suppose to be getting really bad this week. Usually we don't get this hot weather until August, so I am almost scared to see what August will bring.

We also got the back yard toys cleaned out, threw most of them out, they were old and the boys didn't play with them...........we also had a bbq of hamburgers, chicken strips and polish sausage.

I tried to trim my hair, and threw my hair over my head as I was told to do by a hairstylist, and ended up only trimming the front!!! oh well its not that bad, layered and the feathered look!!! LOL

AJ has a friend over for the night. I am going to go work on squares.


Christina Barosko said...

I bet having the pool up is a great way to cool off.

Rachel said...

pool looks like fun! :)