Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday WooHoo

Well a bit of an update on the crochet front.......I joined a mini ami Round Robin.......and this is one I did, this is a mini ami turtle, from here You can also check out her blog here I did this turtle in size 10 thread with a small needle, I believe a size 8 not sure............anyway she sits a bit under 2-1/2" tall, and is just under 3" can see her next to a regular size coffee cup. I LOVE her, and might not send her off and make something in place of her. Plus my mom wants her bad!!!
Side view and a bit blurry, but it was the best I could do.
Got this adorable smurf from Debbie for a Cartoon swap, I loved the smurfs growing up.
I also got this frog from her awhile back, but lost the picture I took of him originally. I love frogs.


Crafty Christina said...

The smurf is awesome!

teakaycee said...

that is the cutest little turtle!
I love her!! great work!!!