Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's Hump Day?

Well Aiden absolutely loved his dragon, I think he kissed it a few hundred times!! LOL He wanted his picture taken with it. Just look at how proud he is to hold his dragon? LOL
I got the Amigurumi Round Robin package, this all cost only 3 dollars to mail......I think we might have more of these.......How cute are they? lets see, from left to right...we have a smores, an ice cream cone, a frog, a crab, and a bee. I know I am taking the smores, the crab and maybe the cone.......I have a frog and bee exactly like I will let the next person to choose. I will add a couple of extra's too.
Well if you had not guessed the Mystery CAL here it is.....a flamingo, I kept saying peacock, but was thinking flamingo, but could not think of the word. LOL Anyway I finished this up today, and the picture is not very good, so will try to take a better picture tomorrow with my camera.

Today was not such a good day, the boys did not want to listen, and Aiden was wild tonight.......he finally went to sleep cuz I made him go to bed early since he was acting up. I also managed to cut his nails and toe nails, which I can only do when he is sleeping.

Tessa came over today for a bit and we talked, so that was a welcome relief from the boys. I love them dearly, but I sure wish they would not have acted up so much today.


Caroline said...

darling pic of Aiden!!!! The flamigo is sooo cute! Free pattern? (hint, hint...LOL)

Dragonflymom said...

Thanks Caroline...he was so happy with his dragon. The flamingo is a free pattern online, and you can find it here.