Saturday, August 01, 2009

What a Day

Well first off this is the fairy I got from a member of my group, Gale, she did an excellent job on her, and she is just too pretty!!!! I love her.
This is my goofy goober, Aiden, we went to Ci-Ci's for dinner tonight with a friend and had a blast....I had a good day, got the living room cleaned, then had a friend and her son come over and AJ went with some friends to go play games, he should be home soon... I took Melody to pay her phone and we went to dinner....her and I are really getting along much better now, we had a bit of a blow out, but realized it was more my dad getting in the way...long story...but anyway, we came to a realization that friendships are hard to come by, really good ones anyway, so I think that helped us both to realize we needed to let the little things go.
Aiden and I yesterday.
AJ and I last night.
We could not get a very good shot since we were sitting with our backs to the window..but this is Melody and I. We had tons of fun...even at the house, we laughed and joked and she really needed to get away and have some fun......We even went and played the games there, and I got a very pretty colorful beanie bear.....I am tired now, but will wait for AJ and crochet a bit.

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Tina said...

I'm glad you got to get away and have some fun. Friends are far and few between (really good ones); glad you worked things out. :)