Wednesday, September 30, 2009


AJ got new glasses a few weeks back, I really like these much better than the ones he had before.
My little Aiden, who looks really handsome in brown.
This is AJ and Aiden standing in front of the blocks at AJ's school, the students made self portraits and this is what the school did with them.
Close up of AJ's portrait.
Aiden being goofy
This is the witch I just tested for Allisha again, she is the one who did the frankenstein and dracula patterns. The witch comes with a potion bottle and book of spells, I will add the names to the book and bottle later this week. and take a better picture, camera battery is dead.

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Crafty Christina said...

Those blocks in front of school are really really cool! What a neat idea!

The witch is adorable. And as always, your little guys are adorable too. Love the new glasses.