Monday, September 14, 2009

Tested Another Pattern

I tested this pattern for Allisha, you can find her Etsy site HERE, and you can also read her BLOG.........Sure does some really cute patterns.......this Vampire is just in time for Halloween!! Isn't he cute? Now who wouldn't want him as a decoration? You can never have too much halloween stuff. I know I am addicted to decorations for the next 3 holidays!! I am currently testing another pattern for it and will post that picture as soon as I get him done and get the info sent to her.

Sad note: Patrick Swayze died today........I think I have watched just about every movie he was mom was a huge fan of his as heart goes out to his family and to the many fans who will miss him dearly. I think I will watch "Ghost" tonight, one of my favorite movies.


KY said...

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Thank you,

Kristen, Editor &

Caroline said...

Totally cute! You did an awesome job on him!