Monday, September 21, 2009

CAL Squares

Well April has had a Crochet-a long....or Calendar "Ghan CAL I have done a few of the squares, but never liked the colors I used, so I would redo them.....well I FINALLY decided on a color to use, and that is light tonight I made the first 4 months.........above is January, "Winter's Dream"
February "Pammi's Passion"
March "Lions Mane"
April " Spring Fling".........this is my favorite square out of all of them so far......and April just happens to be my Birth month, so a very pretty square. Anyway I am tired, and my hands are very cramped.......these 4 were done in about 2 hours and that was with me getting distracted by watching Moonlight. LOL..........but I am off to bed, and will do the rest hopefully tomorrow. I will post them if I get them all done. I have had a headache all day, since waking eased up a bit after taking tylenol........but within a couple of hours was back again, and I took more pain pills, but that didn't help...........I still have it, it's not as bad as earlier, but its still there. :(

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Crafty Christina said...

They are all pretty but I have to agree with you about the April square. It just has something special about it.