Monday, November 16, 2009

It's Raining Reindeers?

I did this reindeer tonight.........the mouth is kinda creepy looking to me......LOL could be the lighting, or something.

I also tested this pattern for Carrie at the Ville, he came out cute, and the antlers on the first reindeer were actually the corrected the antlers here at not the same as the pattern, or actually she reworded the pattern instructions and of course that came out alot easier.

Weekend went ok, my neighbor let her 12 year old daughter get a hicky from her by Let her, I mean, she let her have her bf over at the house with no supervision.........then took both of them to a bar!! Call me old fashioned, but I think that is just wrong!!! First off, 12 is too young, second, it's just wrong to take them a bar to hang out........anyway.............the father got upset at first then told his 12 year old daughter that at least the bf could have done it right, by making it more "purplish" OMG???!! Am I just missing something????

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Chars said...

Cute reindeers :)

Nope your not missing ANYTHING HON... some people just have no f#%king idea how to raise kids. IF she was to come home pregnant they would wonder why? Dumb-#@@'s