Saturday, November 28, 2009


Well Thanksgiving is over and I am was a busy and stressful day, I forgot to take pictures...........I had to make 3 trips for things I forgot!! UGH!!! Oh well, the day went well, and we had a great dinner. We also got our Christmas Decorations up too. Anyway AJ said he wanted me to make an angel for his librarian, he is a proctor and she had a birthday right before break........he chose a pattern, which is above, and he wanted it done in I used a Size 5 pearl came out tiny........very cute!! I made it last night, and I took a picture of it next to the one I made a few months back with a G hook and WW yarn.........I also used the red felt for the mouth. I will also make her a bookmark too. He will take it to her Monday. I think this was really sweet of him to want to do. Now his friend Fernando wants me to make him one for a girl he likes. LOL
I took the boys to Chuck E Cheeses Wednesday......this is AJ and I, I was able to snap this while he was getting more coins to play the games.
This is Aiden sitting on my lap playing Mario Cart, his feet didn't reach the petals, so I had to press the gas pedal for him while he drove.

Both Aiden and AJ on some sort of bike game.........they had a blast...........then off to walmart we went...........bought a package of pokemon cards for AJ and they were 10 bucks, and on our way home, he opened it and found only 1 card, someone had opened the packages and took the cards out. So we had to go back which was no fun.

Yesterday I spent about 4 hours on my couch, I was not feeling well at whole body felt very I was ok but a pain in my lower left side of my stomach.........I think stress and not enough sleep. AJ has a friend sleeping over tonight, but hopefully they will have an early night...........LOL Wishful thinking?

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Crafty Christina said...

Sounds like a crazy Thanksgiving! Glad your day went ok (even with forgetting stuff) and that you guys enjoyed a great meal! The ami is too cute and I bet the teacher will love it. Hope you had some peace and quiet, even with the sleepover.