Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Photo's from Cell

Well I tried to install the pictures from my digital camera but for some reason they would not load will try again tomorrow. Anyway these pictures were taken with my cell phone and I was shocked that I got both boys together to take some pictures. LOL Above is my handsome AJ and me
Mr Aiden and me........he was so wanting to go play with his toys.
OK Aj looks a little out of it here, he always wears his glasses so low......he has long eyelashes and when the glasses are pulled up, he says they rub against his glasses and he can't stand that. LOL

I love this picture, they look so sweet.....notice that Aiden is holding AJs finger, which Aiden loves to do, I guess that is still his "lovey" LOL When AJ was little, it was our ears......figures I would have the odd ball kids........J/K I actually think it is really cute, I mean when you have to leave the house, you don't have to worry about forgetting to take their "lovey's" LOL

Hopefully I can get better pictures tomorrow on here along with more details about Christmas day.

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Caroline said...

Loved the pics, even from your cell, they were good! Can't believe how big they're getting. Your tree looks beautiful in the background. Snowing here agian...2 inches last nightand still coming down.