Thursday, December 17, 2009

Princess Aurora

Well here is Princess Aurora, done in thread......I had made her in WW yarn awhile back, but wanted to make her in thread too, so here she is, I started her last night and finished up her hair tonight. She stands about 4"'s funny, because she works up much faster for me in thread than in yarn. Anyway I think she is really cute.

I am upset with Toys R Us, they had advertised all day today how today only select toys were 50% I decided to drive up there, now it's on the side of town that is extremely busy........lots of traffic and traffic accidents, it's a major headache going up this way.....but I did.........well I never saw any toy for 50% off..........the only areas I didn't venture into were baby strollers, and girl toys........but I went in EVERY aisle in there, and saw some signs that said 5 dollars 2 get one free.....but that was only on maybe 3 different kinds of toys........the only 50% off I saw was in the game department, BUT you had to buy a hand held game, such as a DS then get an accessory for 50% that was it!!!???? I heard a lot of people complaining about the high prices and how they felt disgusted that they wasted a trip up there..........I did end up getting some stuff for Aiden........but if I had bought just two of the things AJ wanted, they would have cost me 150 dollars, but at Target those very exact same two toys, cost me 80 dollars.....BIG DIFFERENCE.........another toy I saw at toys R us, was 99.99 I went and scanned it too, and I didn't get it, but at Target it was only 39.99......I still didn't get it, as it was not really something Aiden would have the patience for, but still, such a huge difference in price for the exact toy!! UGH!!

I am tired and sore still..and now I have a headache. Glad I am home and am hoping for a slower day tomorrow.


Crafty Christina said...

Aurora turned out so cute!

I hate when the toy stores advertise and then you can't find anything good! Bah!

Did you get my email about the scarf?

Chars said...

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas :)and all the best for 2010... I hope that your days a filled with love and laughter and everything you are after. Hugs Chars x