Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Still no snow for us, and I am wondering about my sanity living in this place!! I am a snow girl, I WANT SNOW!!!! LOL Ok my little rant is over. We had upper 40s and 50s this past weekend, then today I wake up to 19 degree temps, and they fell throughout the day! I got up and Aiden really slept in, he was tired......but I had to run some errands, and so off he and I went, and found ourselves at Wal-Mart.........I never made it into the yarn department, I was so tired, and just wanted to get the coffee filters that we needed and get lunch and go home. I wore my flip flops and my feet got really cold, which they usually don't. This time of year always makes my "electricity" worse.......I mean I am getting shocked really bad, the hair on my arms stands up, my hair poofs out, and I am soo afraid to touch anything....the shocks really hurt and you can hear them, and see little flashes of light...........even in bed, I am afraid to touch my blankets.........it looks like I had a flashlight under them, you can hear the little shocks and see the "flash" and it scares me.......can a fire be started that way? Maybe this is just me having a little panic attack, but if you saw and heard it you would be freaked out too.......went to answer my phone awhile back and the amount of shocks and lights that came from that, man I threw my phone down it hurt so bad.........

Both boys are grounded from the game systems tomorrow.........AJ for not doing what I told him, and Aiden hiding things from me........I told him to go to bed, no games, no movies, no cartoons, bed time....well I went to check on them, and he must have heard me coming, he was in his brothers bed.........with both of his arms behind his back..........I said go to bed, he said ok.........I asked for what was behind his back and he hands me his DS, so he is grounded from it too...not a happy camper, but he didn't cry too much about it, just kept telling me to "be sorry" for him and let him play games tomorrow. LOL

I am tired, and my knees and back hurt, so I think I will be calling it a night soon, and hopefully get a good sleep.

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Crafty Christina said...

I don't like snow...probably because I usually have to shovel and my commute to work takes twice as long. So I get happy when we don't have snow, LOL.