Tuesday, August 04, 2009

It's only Tuesday?

I took this today, and I took several, its hard to get all of us in a picture, they are usually too busy. Aiden was sweet here, but I wish he was looking at the camera, I might add the other pictures later on.
I absolutely love this one.....good coloring, and he was actually looking at the camera!!!! how handsome is he? I went to enroll Austin in 7th grade....wow time flies.....enrollment took all of 5 minutes and we were out of there.....I love that, and I love that they offer the supplies there, all in all, I paid 18 dollars for supplies, fees, locker rental, id and agenda....pretty darn good if you ask me.
I made this angel tonight for Margaret.......This was a wish she had on a group. She is cute.
This is a side view of the Piggy I made in thread....I Love the tail......
I love it, its so cute....I made this as a wish for Debbie in one of our groups, she is in the middle of a move, so he will be shipped off once we have her address.

I am going to be starting 3 projects tonight, or so I think....that might change once I get busy.....but I want to get started on two things for a friend, and the Featured pattern in a group I am in....she is called Miss lavendar...and if you are interested, you can find her pattern here

Creepy alert HERE She did an awesome job on this spider, but I hate spiders.....and this one is just too realistic for me..but if you know someone who loves them, or is looking for something realistic for Halloween, show them that.


Kairi said...

I like the piggy. so cute

Crafty Christina said...

Great piggy and angel! Your little guys are adorable!