Saturday, August 08, 2009

Still UP!!

Well it's 5am in the morning, and I am soooo tired.......I have not been to sleep yet. Austin is leaving for Branson here in about an hour........So I decided to get some house cleaning done, so I could rest during the day. I have been so busy, but not as busy as I had been a couple of weeks ago. I will miss Austin a great deal, so I went and bought a webcam, so Aiden and I could see him when he is gone...he will only be gone for 4 days, so that won't be so bad. He will have lots of fun, and it is nice that he can get a good vacation in before school starts.

I am working on some Halloween stuff, I need to make two for Carol who requested them as a wish.....I am also in a Halloween swap, but that is a 2 month swap, so I still have time.

Well off to get Austin up.

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