Sunday, August 16, 2009


I started a pokemon Charmander for Austin, but got a bit tired of working on it.......I have been super busy lately, and for 4 days had a house full of people.....friends, so that wasn't so bad, but My crochet took a backseat and I would end up too tired at night, so charmander took a few days, and that usually makes me bored with a project, so he is put aside, and really all he needs is the finishing touches.........above is a Luma pattern from Mario brothers.........I made this yesterday for Aiden, and he is super happy with it........I will work on another from the same blog as Luma came from, if you want to see the pattern you can click HERE
Carol made a wish for halloween ami, she had two wishes, so I took both, because I love working on Halloween stuff.............I made Mr Jack O lantern, and Frankerumi I will add the links to these patterns later, I think Mr Jack O lantern is a pattern from Etsy, but Frankerumi is free.

Aiden took this picture today when we were taking some of his Luma, and he actually took a good picture of me, a bit too close, but it came out decent even though I had just stopped sweating from washing the bathroom floor. Anyway Aiden kept telling me to post it, so I did.

Austin starts 7th grade tomorrow, and he is not too happy, but oh well, we went to buy him some shoes for school, but ended up with only one pair, they were not very well stocked with his size, so I will look later this week at some other shoe stores. I am catching up with some laundry, and making dinner, tonight it's ham, boiled potatoes, pickled beets, and salad.........I am pickling the beets myself, if they come out good, I will post the recipe I used. My father accidently bought a ton of regular beets instead of the pickled beets, and I figured I could just pickle them myself.

Well off to finish some cleaning, got to get the boys settled early tonight.


Crafty Christina said...

The Luma is adorable. I do the same thing when I get tired of a sits for awhile.

ooh, I need to do some Halloween stuff too.

Christina Barosko said...

When does AJ start school? Trevor starts August 27, he is going into 5th grade.

Dragonflymom said...

Thanks, Aiden really loves the Luma. AJ actually started school yesterday, he was all gloomy at first but came home saying it was awesome!! LOL I hope Trevor has a great year in 5th grade, and the year runs a lot more smoothly than it has in the past.