Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Being Thankful

Well today was better than yesterday, I did talk to my mom a bit tonight, and told her a bit of how I was feeling, and how worried I was for her, and I thought she understood me, then Austin called and I let her talk to him a bit, and when he got back on the phone with me, she didn't know that she had been talking to Austin, she kept talking to him "about" Austin and saying he left last week and will be home tomorrow..........So that kinda depressed me..........but I am thankful that she heard me when I told her how much I loved her.............I am thankful that I can still talk to her, and hold her and tell her I love her, even though she may not understand me much anymore, I am soooo thankful I can still look her in the eyes and tell her those things. I will talk to her doctor tomorrow when she goes in. She barely made it in her bed.....so I am worried about taking her out tomorrow.

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