Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Survived First Day

These were taken with my cell phone,

Well AJ survived his first day of school, he was glad to see his friends and his two best friends, Blake and Cory..............they are in different classes, but will see each other during lunch and recess................his class will have two teachers again this year, one who will teach math and science, the other reading and history and stuff.........not sure why they do that, they have one teacher for the morning, then the two 5th grade classes switch classrooms. I called Ellen today from the office to see if they got the bussing fixed, but they still have him scheduled to be picked up a ways from here, and I told them no, he has always been picked up at our corner since kindergarten, and I am not having my son walk over 10 minutes to the bus stop they want to pick him up from. That is stupid! Especially since they come this way anyway.

Anyway I got more grey yarn for my mummy, and finished the second mummy, now I am making the wraps for him, I am almost finished with one, and will take a picture once its completely done which will be tonight, but will post picture tomorrow probably. Its really cute, and AJ walked into the living room as i was "wrapping" the mummy, and really loved it, saying how cute it was.

So I am off to relax, just rode my bike up to Walgreens and am hot, its over 100 degrees out, plus i have a very tired little rugrat that needs to settle down.

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Lesalicious said...

Awww I can't wait until my daughter can go back to school. Can't wait to see all your finished projects I know they will look lovely.

Also I wanted to let all the Crochet Chicks know about this top 100 site called Crafty Crafters that I started. It's for those people that have blogs and would like to get them listed so hope to see your blog there. :)