Thursday, August 09, 2007


I am finally posting, I first thought of just making a new blog, but decided against it. I know this is about my thoughts, but sometimes even my own thoughts get to me. Anyway here goes another entry and hopefully more will come.

The boys are both doing good, AJ has completely healed from his broken collar bone, he does have some problems with it, its bumped up more than usual, but the dr says that will go down within a few years hopefully. He does have some pain, not so much pain, as it is just sore at times, usually when he is playing around or something like that. He has had a good but slow summer, we had a few times where i was ready to pull my hair out. He would have kids over all the time, and it just got to be too much. He is not friend with Jesse anymore and that is just fine with me, I got tired of listening to that boy whine about everything, he was possessive as well. Nothing major happened except that his parents apparently thought it was my job to supply them with entertainment for them and Jesse, they invited themselves for the Fourth of July, to eat our food that WE cook, and use OUR fireworks we kept telling them no, but they came over that night or rather jesses father did telling us to come get them when we were ready, we said no and have not seen them since............THANK GOD! I got tired it all of them whining about what they could not afford and pawning Jesse off on us everytime they wanted to go somewhere. Anyway Aiden is good, still taking a nap right now which is good, he was out in the heat for awhile, he went with my dad............and came home all woozy from being so tired, gave me a huge kiss and snuggled on my lap and went to sleep..........i love those moments.

Anyway I will post another entry about my crochet. Will also keep up with this Blog.

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