Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Squares Squares Squares

I am taking a break from my halloween crochet because I decided to start putting my granny squares together from all the swaps I have been in, I didn't realize I had so many piling up. This is some of them. I am putting the squares together by pattern..............all the patterned ones together, and then all the granny squares together. I am not sure how they will come out, but my hands are so cramped from putting them together. I sorted them all yesterday by pattern and traditional squares, then by color, then by size. Then laid them all out and decided how I would put them together. I had to use some colors that I didn't really want to, but I wanted to get them all used up...............then I will be set, no more squares piled up all over, and I can start collecting new ones, but this time, I think I will ask for specific colors hopefully, and that way when it comes time to put them together, I won't have to use squares that really don't match. Anyway I am using all the squares I had from exchanges, I all in all I think I had over 100 squares. The red, white and blue squares will be made another time, as I only have a few of those.
I crochet mine together using a front ridge, I like how the ridge comes out............I am using white yarn, as I could not really find a color that would look best with all of the colors from the squares.
Anyway, I am upset with AJs school, actually the bus company which is seperate from the school district, when I enrolled AJ they had the bus picking him up at a totally different spot had him walking 3 blocks. He has always been picked up at our corner since kindergarten. I have to submit a request which I did this morning, but yesterday I walked up there and stood there for over 30 minutes!!! The bus was late!! They say you are suppose to be there 15 minutes early, and for what??? the stupid bus is always late in picking him up and dropping him off. Not just around the first of the year, but all year................he was late getting to school more than half the year last year, and its funny how if we as parents get our kids to school late we get chewed out and they threaten to turn us in..............( never happened to me thankfully but i know of several parents that this happened to) but anyway, a bus can get there late that many times, and nothing is ever said or done about it, and if you complain the bus company takes offense to it. I was dripping in sweat from standing there, and my feet and ankles were swollen, not to mention my knees were burning and my back hurt so much that i had to take some pain pills, it was hurting so bad. Not to mention the shower I had to take when he got home.
The bus driver that drops him off said she will try to remember to drop him off at our corner because she has to stop there anyway, AJ is right between two kids, one in back of us a few streets away and then the girl in front, which is a little over 3 blocks away. Which according to the rules i read, an elementary student is not to walk more than 2 blocks to a stop! So there it is. I will continue to complain about this if they don't change his pick up and drop off.
Anyway I need to work on those squares.

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