Thursday, August 23, 2007

One Exchange Afghan Done 2 more to go

My sweet Aiden with the afghan
Another shot and him still making sure to get in the shot.
I really like how this came out.

Well i have one afghan done with the patterned exchange squares I have gotten from swaps. I didn't think I would like how this came out, but I used every square I have gotten, minus a couple that were too big, they measured over 8" Some of these were smaller than others, but I managed to get them together. I do like it and have decided to keep it for now. I am working on the granny squares now, my hands are really cramped up today, I am doing them in a white border as well, most of them have white borders except a few, but i have crocheted a white border around them. I think in my next traditional granny square exchanges I will ask for a black border. I have about 6 with the last rows being black. I am hoping to get colors in Purples and greens, they are really pretty together, or just different shades of purple.

I joined another swap from the friendship room, and that will start October 1st and is any shade of purple, solid colors only, I am thinking this will be with about 40 other ladies. I am looking forward to that swap.

Anyway I have been cleaning today, had to move the living room, where I had the couch, Aiden would get on the back and play with the locks on the door, and the light switch, I had visions of him falling over. Its done finally, and then I cleaned the utility room while i was making dinner, and after dinner started on the dining room, I really need to wash the floors in here.

AJ is doing really well on his homework, he has a spelling test Tuesday, so I had him study them and finish his weekly workout that is due tomorrow.

Aiden is walking around singing.........LOL my little cutey!

I will write more later, I am going to finish online, and the dining room, then hopefully will get that blanket done.


MoonNStarMommy said...

Those are beeeeeeautiful blankets!!!

Dragonflymom said...

Thanks Annissa!!!!