Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dog The Bounty Hunter

Dog the Bounty Hunter is on tonight, New shows, can't wait..............I love Leland!!!! When I was in Hawaii, why didn't I run into them? No such luck for me I guess! Oh well, it was beautiful there and I would love to visit there again.

I am doing ok, just tired, my mom decided to wash the curtains, so I have been up and down on a step ladder taking them down.........plus we have to hang new blinds up in the dining room. But decided to clean the windows really good, I usually try to get to them once a month, but I won't say how long its been since I last did them.......LOL...........I know my knees are going to be killing me here soon, from the up and down on the step stool.

Well tomorrow is the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL for AJ, I don't think he is ready, but he will have to be come tomorrow morning, He is also not going to be happy about starting his school schedule tonight, I have been having him go to bed earlier than usual for summer, the past week, which was not welcomed by AJ LOL Oh well. So we have to get his room cleaned early, get all his school stuff packed up for him to take tomorrow morning.

Aiden will be sad, he gets up in the morning and goes into AJs room right away and snuggles with AJ while they watch cartoons. It is sooo cute and precious!

I guess I should get some email answered and then go finish up the living room, Aiden is tired, but of course fighting his nap with everything hes got..........speaking of the rotten one, here he is hanging on my arm, so i will try to get him to settle down.

Take Care,


Unknown said...

You have a beautiful family!!
Good luck to AJ on his first day of school tomorrow. My kids start in a week and half...yay...I mean..aww...lol.
Welcome to the Crochetmania community.


Dragonflymom said...

Thanks Lisa...........LOL my mother was telling Aj that there is going to be a earth quake tomorrow, he didn't get it and asked how she knew that, and she said all the mothers on the front porch jumping up and down and yelling woohooo...........LOL The look on his face was priceless.

Unknown said...

I love Dog!