Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Crochet Survey

1. What made you want to learn Crochet?

I was pregnant with AJ who is now 9 and I was high risk, so was in bed a lot......I wanted to learn to make blankets which I love......I tried Knitting first, but just could not handle that at all.

2. What was the first thing you crocheted? Did it come out right?

A scarf, it was in the back of the book i had, and it came out all funny shaped, not even at all, I kept having to take it apart and redo it, and it never came out right.......next thing I tried was a wrap around for my mother, it came out perfect!! I don't know how that happened!!! LOL

3. Was there something you just could not figure out for the longest time?

LOL this will be embarassing........but the slip knot!!! took me forever, then when i figured out what it was, I felt so stupid!!!!!!

4. Have you made something for yourself but ended up giving it away?

yeah, I just did a butterfly garden 12" square for myself, it was huge and my mother insisted I had made it for her, so I gave it to her, and she has it on her queen size bed.

5. Have you crocheted anything that you are really proud of?

Yeah Baby blankets for Aiden, I made some really pretty ones and I love how they came out. I was really proud of one of my very first blankets from when AJ was a toddler, but he took scissors to it and at the time I was not that good, and just threw it away, it was pretty mangled!!

6. Is there anything you have crocheted that you will never get rid of?

Yeah Aidens baby blankets, and AJs star wars blanket I crocheted for him, both of the boys' red, white and blue afghans, actually I don't "plan" on getting rid of anything unless I crocheted it specifically for someone.

7. Do you or have you thought of selling your crochet?

No, I never thought of it.........I am not sure I ever will.

8. Have you ever designed a pattern?

Yes I did, when I was making AJs Star Wars afghan, he wanted more ships and I only had the patterns for a few, but finally decided to make some, I had him bring me out some of his favorite ships from the movies and went from there. I was and still am very proud of myself for that, and am wanting to work on some more.

9. Is there something you want to crochet, but don't think you can?

Doilies, my mother is in love with the lacy doilies, but I don't think I will ever be able to do that, its very hard to work with the thread and the smaller hooks, I have bad hands and nerve damage in my fingers, I would love to but can't.

10. Have you ever regretted giving one of your crochet items away?

I was asked by my neighbor to crochet her something for her husband.......I agreed, and she chose a triangle granny, and wanted it done in purple and yellow color.........then I did one triangle in yellow for the middle of the triangle, and did the others with yellow in the middle and purple on the outside of the triangle granny. I put them together in the shape of a triangle with yellow as the border of putting them together...added some fringe and absolutely loved how it came out!!! This twit was so rude to me while I was doing it, she wanted it done in a day!!! got all pissed when i said no, since it was about a week before Christmas...........she kept trying to change things around in the middle of me working on it.........it only took me a few days to do..........but she just drove me crazy, I hated doing the favor for her, but her husband was so grateful and loved it, but it was the last time I agreed to do anything for her.

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