Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hump Day

Well today has been so nice outside, nice and cool. Yesterday was hotter..........AJ had open house which went good, I like both of his teachers.....After that, we had to hurry home to get ready for Soccer practice, and made it there just in time............but it ran over than the usual one hour, but it was first practice. Hopefully todays practice won't run over. I see Blogger won't let me make new paragraphs again!! LOL I guess its just one of those things. Well, I got some swaps mailed off today and have 10 more to do! Annissa wants an Autumn set, so I think I will make her one. I am going to get to Google I really need to get some documents made for swapping. Will write more later on.

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Lesalicious said...

Busy Busy Busy huh? Oh blogger is always like that at times. Upload your pics to photobucket and copy the tag to blogger on your new post. I hate it when blogger does that grrrrr lol. :)