Sunday, September 23, 2007

Squares Squares and more Squares

I am requesting blues for my exchanges now......I love the different shades of blues, and these are really pretty........I got these from Adrian, her and I have been exchaning for awhile now and She does excellent work!!
These are also from Adrian.......the top ones are from the Traditional Granny Scrap swap, and surprisingly I like the fall colors in these. The bottom ones are from the Red White and Blue Swap, hoping to do more of these for an afghan in these colors.
this is the bear ghan I am doing for Aiden........I decided to have two solid color squares in between, but I don't know I Might change it and use a white/warm brown color for each plain square in between, instead of the solid colors.........not sure yet, but anyway here is how the strip looks so far, need to add more.
I did these squares earlier this year for a swap.
I also did these they are about 12" and I like the yo yo one, but need to find an easier way of putting them together.
I will post again later today, but right now I want to get started on some cleaning, I need to move our mattresses, so I can vacuum underneath.................and the boys want to play outside some too. So we need to take advantage of a day that is not too hot. Even though the nasty mosquitos seem to REALLY love us!!! I mean who can blame them...................I am really really sweet!!! LOL ; ) So are my boys! ok I better stop now, its getting deep in here!!

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