Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Aiden with his laptop, yesterday.
Taken today while i was cleaning the back yard, my father and Aiden were out front waiting for AJ to get off the bus. Really cute!
Well Aiden is doing better.........thankfully, he really had me worried! I went and sat out back for the longest time tonight, and really thought about a lot of stuff. I think I let myself get pulled in too easily. I let people in too close. I really need to stop. I have "cleaned" up my buddy list, and am going to concentrate on my crochet groups, and those that have been great friends online. Of course concentrate on my friends close to me. I visited briefly with a friend this afternoon, and will visit with her again probably tomorrow.

I am so tired tonight, and have an awful headache! I cleaned up the back yard today, and I think that was too much, my back is hurting and now I have a headache. I think I have a fever, I feel way too hot to the touch, but am cold too. AJ has one more day this week, then has Friday off. His leg is better. I want to get some pictures tomorrow of him playing his bass and hopefully some outside. Its been so beautiful.......................I am also counting down until Friday.......................Stargate Atlantis is starting a new season!!! WooHoooo.

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