Sunday, September 02, 2007


Well its been a week!!! AJ has the next 4 days off, he doesn't go back until Wednesday, He had a good week in school. I did pick him up and finally took him to get his glasses fixed and made appts for both him and Aiden to have another eye check, this will be Aidens first time.

Friday I took the boys to the video store to check out some movies, and we watched movies Friday night. Saturday was a really good day, I took the boys out and we spent the day together, then ran some errands.......Got home and relaxed a bit. I hadn't heard from some friends of mine since early Friday morning, and they went out of town to pick up a tow truck, so I was worried about them, so I texted Kristi and asked her if everything was ok. I did not ask for anyone to call me, but apparently she had Scott call me, which I was happy to hear from him. He told me what had happened with the tow truck and they were about done.

I have removed text from here, because some things are just not important enough to mention anymore. I am done with fighting and done with it all, I have blocked names from my emails and buddy list, I have changed my number, and have deleted numbers out of my phone, so my little, rotten Aiden can't accidently call anyone. LOL

So, today is going better, AJ is going out to Laser Tag and Aiden and I will stay home and clean up the backyard to get ready for the BBQ tomorrow. Mom is getting ready to make the stuff for it.

I am still working on my crochet pumpkin................its called Little Gourdy or something like that, but I have gotten bored with working it. It will be finished here in a few mintues, and then I will work on the spider pattern I bought from Etsy. I also ordered some patterns from Etsy and a crochet site, so I have already gotten the Autumn set which is a turkey, a pumpking pie, an apple, orange, and an the frog pattern. The others I will have to wait until they are mailed to me.

So I am off to get some email read and then crochet a bit.

Hoping my hands stop itching and swelling up, I use these Cutter Mosquitos wipes and they always make my hands swell and itch.


Anonymous said...

I texted you several times before I had called you and you said you had talked to him & I asked where they were at and you wouldn't tell me. Yes I got mad. I felt like you were trying to keep it from me & my kids.That wasn't right. I did talk to him & I didn't yell at him at all. So you dont know everything. I didn't have the right to yell at you. I remember all the times you have called me upset and yelled in my ear and it didn't have nothing to do with me.

Anonymous said...

It seems odd to put a post like this one on someones blog...

Can't we all just get along??