Saturday, April 14, 2007


Well my week started off good, Monday night I was up late that night, Aiden fell asleep early, and stayed asleep all night except around 5 am when he was drenched!!! I got up got him a change of pajamas and a new mat for the bed........we usually lay one under him changed and he was so cute, playing with my phone with those big brown of eyes of his just looking all around, and he was making scrunchy faces at me! cute cute!! anyway got him changed and laid back down, but took another hour to fall asleep, and NEVER heard my alarm go off..........I woke up and looked at the clock it said 8:35!! Got Aj up really fast, he got dressed, opened the door, got him something to eat really fast, and I am thinking we missed the bus, because by this time it was past 9:45 and I was not able to watch for the bus like called the school to explain and to have them check if the bus came yet...........She called me back telling me the bus was about 3 minutes away, it got stopped by a train, and the train had been stopped in the middle of the road for awhile she said, which I believe, because trains do that all the time here and it drives me up the wall!!! ok that sounded a bit nerve wracking, but the rest of the day was good........... Wednesday came around and started out fine, a friend came over so I could do her taxes and I went into the bathroom to clean up after someone got mud on the floor, and I hear AJ come in the house crying, I thought nothing of it, but then it started so sound serious, So I was coming out and he told me that he was running outside and his jeans fell down to his knees, and he fell and flipped forward landing on his shoulder and hearing a crunch, his shoulder did not look right, So I took him to Immediate Care, and we had X-rays done, but the dr knew before she got them back what was wrong, because when you looked at his shoulder it was hanging really low, and she came back and said he had broken his collar bone!! It is completly seperated from his shoulder!! that is why its hanging so low. so we got a figure 8 collar sling and left and was given very strict restrictions!! She said its very important that he does not fall again. So we got home and gave him some loratab, and off to sleep he went, the next day i called his regular dr, who was furious that they did not give him an arm sling as well, saying his arm had to be up not just dangling! The reason I had called, since to me that didn't seem right to have it hanging. He woke up Thursday in a lot of pain, and there was no way he was going to school, and the dr said no school until atleast Monday if he is feeling up to it. Thursday night, we did some shopping and Friday Aj was doing a bit better, Aiden just didn't understand his brother was hurt, so he ended up climbing on his arm a few times, we finally just locked Ajs door, to keep the little one out. Friday we woke up to a lot of rain......and very cold temps, it rained all day with a few claps of thunder, it was funny, my father got home from work and he and my mom went out with Aiden, and while they were getting into the car, this huge loud clap of thunder happened, and two boys were walking and then ran after that up to the car asking if they could use the phone to call their mom!! LOL the thunder shook the houses!! later that night it turned to snow. When my parents got home, my little Aiden had red carnations for me!! What a sweet little guy, my mom said he "picked" out the flowers. I love carnations. Friday night they also bought Aj two movies, charlottes Web and Flushed.

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