Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tuesday Tuesday

Well yesterday was just one of those days...........started off pretty good, Aj woke up hurting, so we kept him home from school, but let him go in after lunch to make up for a state assessment test he missed last week. He decided to stay the rest of the day, which was only 3 hours. So later I picked him up and we came home and hung around outside, Aiden was really wanting outside.

So then my sons friend, Dakota comes over with a paper and a number on it saying someone called his dad asking for me... asking if they knew me and could they give me her number. Well It was a bill collector, this majorly rude twit, who would call the house number numerous times a day to harass me, call me a bum for not paying a debt, and I kept telling her not to call me anymore and she said she could do what she wanted, so i told her that is ok, I will just have the home number changed it was not in my name anyway, so she said she had ways of getting unlisted numbers, well apparently not if she took to trying to find people who lived on my street to get a hold of me, i called her a few names, saying she had no right going to strangers asking them to give me her number..............she said she could do whatever she wanted. So I found out from the Federal Trade commision that she can't do that, and I filed a complaint against her and her company and the police tried telling me she can do whatever means necessary to collect her money, and i said so just because i owe money means I am not entitled to privacy or my family is not? that just because i owe money means i have no rights anymore? Anyway I called my local tv station too, because I think more things should be done to bill collectors, and I know that this is just not right.

Then later that night, Aiden threw my cell phone and the flip broke, actually loosened it up a bit, and now I can't see anything on it, except the outside window, but no texting, picturing, or anything like that.

Took my phone in today and was told there was nothing they could do, since I had no insurance on it, but you still have to pay 85 dollars to replace the phone and found out today they usually replace it with a refurbished phone, not a new one...........anyway I found out today I would have only had to pay 50 for my particular phone, but no insurance, so i took it around the corner to a place that fixes them, and they wanted 65 dollars, and I just don't have that right now, have gas and electric to pay Thursday, So I ended up paying 15 to have the service transferred to a verizon phone i had from when I was with Thien, the only thing is I can take pictures but not send or receive!! Sucks, but atleast I can see who is calling and my text messages. I will think about whether I want to fix the phone or buy a new one. More in likely have it fixed, I do like the phone.

So that is my day so far, I need to take Aj in to do testing, he didn't go in this morning, because his neck was swollen and really hurting him, the sling loosened up quite a bit during the night and I think he did way too much outside last night, bending over and stuff, and i told him no more.

What is up with dogs and parents who don't seem to care if their children are being bit. I have a neighbor who has a pit bull and is holding 2 others for a friend. Well some stray has been running around and that kid, Jesse? remember him? Well his mom and him are taking care of the stray dogs, hoping the owners come around. But these dogs are running loose and got into our neighbors yard Sunday night and started fighting with his dogs, and then last night, they got into Dakotas pit bulls pen and started biting and fighting with the pit bull, which didn't fight back.........go figure on that one, but dakota tried to separate them and the stray started biting him and then bit his dad, then later on that night bit him again, and his dad wont call the police or animal control.........why? because the two dogs he is holding for someone don't have their shots and I don't think his does either, so screw your kid getting hurt, he would rather his son get bit up and hurt, then getting into trouble for having dogs that are not up to date on shots or licensed. STUPID Own a dog, you should take care of it, but your kids should always come first.

That stupid dog bites me or anyone from my family and I will call...........plus dakota and his dad started hitting the dog after it started biting, and Jesses mom came rambling over out of bed at 6 at night, I think she was on something she was staggering and Jesse says she is not sick.......................she was yelling at Dakota about why the dogs were limping and how he had no right to hit the dog.......well the dog could have gotton hurt in one of the TWO yards he got into and started fighting with other dogs.

Some people, jesses mom is no winner, she is off her rocker..

We had to call Animal control today after I wrote this, because the same dog started approaching Aiden in an aggressive manner..............and I won't put up with that, they took the dogs, we have a leash law, and I am tired of owners getting dogs then thinking its ok for them to run all over the neighborhood.

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