Monday, April 09, 2007


We just stayed around the house since it was cold and windy. Plus Saturday was a busy day. My mother and I made up the baskets last night while AJ was out and Aiden was sleeping. I think I bought way too much candy, but got them some toys and Aiden a big stuffed bunny...............I also filled the eggs to hide Sunday morning.

When AJ got home we dyed eggs, but Aiden really didn't seem interested, I guess he is too young to really care about that yet, i think by next year, he will really enjoy it. I took a few pictures will share once i have them installed on the computer. My camera kept going dead, rather the batteries.

Sunday morning, Aj came and woke me up quite a few times.......he really wanted to open his basket. So the boys did, and loved everything in it, after breakfast, they went to "find" easter eggs out back, and had fun doing that...........My mom made a very good dinner, we had a spiral bone-in ham and other delicious dishes.

That was about it, just a relaxing day.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter!!

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Wanda Kay said...

I'm glad you all had a nice Easter, I will be waiting for pics to arrive in my email.