Monday, April 09, 2007

Crochet Squares Mailed!

I am impressed with myself, I got some squares mailed, I have had them crocheted and in their envelopes for about a week, and kept forgetting to mail them. I sent my father out today after he got home from work to mail them. I am still working on some more to crochet, I want to atleast get squares out to those who have sent to me so far. One thing about this swap is you have to be careful with people only joining to get them but not send any in return. So far this swap has been pretty good. I am hosting it, in Shades of pink or purple........and have received a good amount so far, and some really pretty colors! There is about 22 ladies signed up.

I stayed away from swaps in groups for this month, wanted to rest my hand a bit, and catch up on my own swap. I do have a book mark to do for a lady on Hookinandaswapping........that is due by April 17th, my birthday, so I should not forget that date! LOL

I will get some pictures of some of the squares posted on here soon. I have received so many really beautiful squares.

Aiden is so tired today...........been really fussy. I know the fussiness is just from being so tired, but sometimes he drives me mad, he will scream so loudly.............he is at that stage of hitting and throwing. I have tried everything, rocking him, singing to him, playing with him, changed his diaper, tried to give him something to eat, drink and nothing, I was on the floor playing with him and for about 15 minutes that worked............after that, he threw his animal train at me hitting my wrist, and boy did that hurt.........his main problem was my dad was home from work but outside working and Aiden didn't like that Aj got him from school, and went out back to play, I took Aiden out there too, but had to constantly run after him because he kept trying to get into the garage to get to "papa".........I don't want him in that garage, with all the grease and lawnmowers, dirty tools and stuff, EWWW..............but finally my dad got done with what he was doing and came in to get Aiden.............and of course Aiden is fine now....I am sure very tired, but he will fight that with everything that he has!!

What is it with kids fighting playing and stuff really that important to them? Don't they realize how much better they feel after waking up? I mean come on, what angel up in heaven thought it funny to add that touch of "lets fight sleep at all costs!!" LOL I feel that Aiden has reached his terrible twos already, so there goes another kid of mine thinking he has got to rush the growing up process!!!!

AJ is tired too, he started Math testing at school..........which to me seems just another way for the schools to get more funding for every kid who does not do never really seem to know............because all you hear from the the schools and the school board is how much more money they need, which I am all for schools getting funding, but for the right reasons. They should be more caring to the kids. This thing about kids leaving school early is really starting to piss me off too...............they are ALWAYS harping on how we need to keep our kids in school..............don't let them leave early, or be late, god forbid!!! they don't tell you when and what time they usually do testing, and with individual classes now sending out newsletters, it is not too much trouble to add that in there, so we can try to schedule things around those times.............I had to get Aj early a couple of weeks ago, I walked into the office and Fritz smiled at me and said can i help you, and I said i needed to take Aj to the dr, and he about had a little fit. slamming his book shut, huffing and puffing, and i asked him sarcastically if he was having a bad day or something? He said no, and I said well then you must not have wanted to get up. Seriously I don't know if he was mad about having to get his butt off his chair and move, or what.............they were not having any test that day and there was only about 40 more minutes left of school!!!! When Aj brought home his newsletter it stated in big bold letters........."IT IS SO IMPORTANT THAT THEY ARE PRESENT FOR ALL PRACTICE TESTS, REVIEW SESSIONS, AND FOR THE ACTUAL TESTS." All underlined and everything then adding in smaller letters "please schedule doctores appointments and sporting activities after school hours" Umm if they can tell me what doctors or dentist have hours after 5pm, I will be sure to check them out!! Aj gets out of school at 4:10 by the time the bus drops him off its past 4:30, if i pick him up from school, I still don't get out of there by 4:30 because you have kids running all over that don't watch where they are going, you have parents trying to get home just like you never have time, and most drs and dentist don't want you to be late either!! I always try to schedule appointments on days off from school, but so does every other parent too, because those days are usually booked up!! So I am really tired of them pulling that crap on parents. I personally think kids are in school way too long during the day. or atleast let them out of school earlier! I also heard that they are trying to increase the time they are in school!!! I mean its ridiculous! I know school is important for our kids, but things are getting out of hand! Anyway I have ranted on enough, gotta get some crocheting done.

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