Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I just remembered something, There is this little girl who is only 3 years old, and her parents let her walk and ride her bike all over the street and sidewalks, no supervision at all. It started last week, I was looking out my door, and saw this girl sitting on our flower bed pulling out flowers so i was going to tell her to stop, but Aiden was crying so i never went out, but later on she came again and tried to walk right into our house!!! She got partly in and I told her to get out, i told her you don't walk into someones home! You don't know me, and you need to go home, I also told her she was way too young to be out by herself, I saw no adults out watching or looking around!! Well she keeps coming and hanging around now and I don't feel comfortable having some 3 year old just wandering in my yard, my porch, my driveway and following me around. So then Brett dropped Aj off the other day and she just walks right up to Brett!!

Yesterday she comes by hanging around and we told her she needed to go home, and she comes back again and we tell her the same thing, and she said her mommy said she could come down here............i can't beleive what a twit of a mother this woman is, even if she did not say it was ok, to let your 3 year old daughter loose with no supervision is sick sick sick and dangerous VERY dangerous! Not to mention I am not some baby sitter for some unsupervised child. I caught her trying to take Aiden off somewhere, I had turned to look at AJ and turn back around and she has his hand walking the opposite way with him!!!!! NO WAY!! I watch my kids, my kids don't wander off!! So many perverts around and these parents think nothing of letting kids roam around. Gosh forbid if a parent has to watch their own kids!!

Sorry just had to vent about that.

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