Sunday, April 08, 2007


I know I have not been around much, same excuse, just been tired and busy............Anyway my week went well, just trying to stay awake, AJs bus was late all last week, and Thursday never showed up even though they claimed two busses came............they are getting a bad rap and a well deserved bad rap, will try to find the stories and post them tomorrow or tonight if i remember.

AJ didn't have soccer practice for two weeks, I guess the coach is busy with other things, but still, he is a good coach, but if his personal life is wearing him down, maybe being a coach is not the right time. Last Saturday was pictures and a game, but both were cancelled due to a lot of the make up date was yesterday. They called earlier and said the game was rescheduled for later in the afternoon, when they were hoping it would warm up!! WE have been getting cold cold temps.

Anyway, Friday I finished up some shopping and went to 3 stores looking for rolls, and then on the last store, forgot to even look for them!! I was so tired and had been out for over 5 hours at the stores! Not my ideal shopping trip. Anyway Yesterday We got to the game, to have pictures, and it was soooo cold and windy!! Aj forgot his coat, and i was lucky enough to get him a change of clothes for after the game, he was going to have an outing with Brett, so i had him put those on over his uniform, until pictures were taken........which they had the kids standing facing the sun, so the group shot was a bunch of squinting eyes, I am hoping one came out better than the other since they took two.

We still had about another hour before the game and noone could understand why they were even having the game, but I figured the pictures would not be rescheduled we went to Super Target to get something to chicken soup, found the rolls!!!!

Game was good, AJs team lost, but played well. AJ even played better! I was proud of him too, he got to be goalie!!! and blocked 3 times!!!

Last weekend my best friend was in town, she flew in from Houston, where she was all week training, but her flight was short, as Wichita airport cancelled all incoming and outgoing flights due to all the rain and lightening we were getting, so they were flown into Kansas City and the flight rented a bus and drove into Wichita, so she didn't get in until sometime after 1. It was good seeing her again, I miss her! She lives so far away!

Anyway AJ starts math assesments this week...........I am hoping he does well. He struggles in Math, but I have faith in him.

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