Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I am sorry that I have not been around much online lately, but things are finally getting better for me..........I hope anyway.

Friday the 20th, Aj had a check up with this dr, as did Aiden, well AJ is doing good, the dr feels new bone growth, so luckily it was lined up perfectly. He is still under very strict restrictions, until another 4 weeks, then after that he can do more normal activities, but still no sports or anything like that. He also gets to wear one or the other on his slings, he chose to wear the arm sling, the figure 8 collar bone sling was very uncomfortable for him. so he is happy about that.

My little Aiden is finally catching up with his age on size, he is now 24 pounds and is 32 1/2" tall............so the dr said he will probably be taller than most his age, which is like Aj. His weight is still a bit under, but is fine with his height! No shots on this 18 month check up, so Aiden was happy about that.

Friday night, Aiden kept kicking my back and it really hurt, but I went to bed shortly after that. Saturday morning we got up and it was so nice out, that we walked up to Wal-greens, because Aj wanted hair gel to spike his hair, so we walked up there which is less than a 10 minute walk, maybe that..............I went to crouch down to put my wallet back in my purse under the stroller, and my back gave out!! took me awhile to start walking, and stop crying, because the pain was so bad, took another 30 minutes to walk home! I took it easy the rest of the day as it really hurt to do anything. I was hoping by Sunday it would feel better but nothing helped, the tylenol didn't the Ibuprofen didn't and by Sunday it was still hurting. I called my dr finally and he said to go to the ER since I have a bad back anyway from a previous car accident............so I did and luckily no nerve damage, or anything, so it was out and hurting probably due to Aiden kicking it so hard Friday night! Little booger!! LOL He gave me some pain pills and off i went.

So I have been offline because it hurt too much to sit here at the computer, but today its better and I wanted to get some email out.

Anyway its been cloudy today and we might get some severe storms later tonight, So I will try to crochet a bit tonight

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you completely, this match should have ended a long time ago, or never happened at all. The person, in question, has acted stupid, from the very beginning. I wonder where he got some, of the strange ideas, he has? HMMMMMM, there is an old saying,"the apple doesn't fall far from the tree". I wonder, if that is the case?