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Breezy Snowflake Garland

Designed by: Aurora Suominen Copyright © 2011

You choice of hook and yarn.  In my example, I used Caron Simply Soft and an “F” hook.

SPECIAL STS/NOTES:  Vst: DC, Ch2, DC in sp or st indicated. BPDC: Back Post Double Crochet ~NOTES~ Ch3 counts as a st.  JOIN:  Join w/ slst in top of beg ch3, or 1st sc.  “St” means any dc and ch sps.

Ch4, Join in 4th ch from hook to  form a ring. 

Rnd 1: Ch3, DC in ring.  [Ch2, 2DC in ring] 5Xs.  Ch2 & join in top of beg ch3. (12dc, 6ch2)

Rnd 2: Sl st in next dc & ch2sp.  Ch3, 2DC in same. [Ch2, skip 2dc, 3DC in next ch2sp]5Xs.  Ch2 & join. (18dc, 6ch2)

Rnd 3: Sl st in next dc, Ch5 (counts as dc & ch2) DC in same dc. [+Ch1, skip dc, V st in ch2sp, Ch1, skip dc+, V st in dc]5Xs.  Repeat +to+ once & join. (12vst & 12 ch1sp)

Rnd 4: Sl st in ch2 sp, Ch3, DC, Ch2, 2DC.  [SC in 7sts,  (2DC, Ch2, 2DC) in next ch2sp]5Xs. SC in last 7sts & join.  (24dc, 42sc) Fasten Off & weave in ends. Make as many snowflakes as you want. 

My mantle is about 99” long.  I made 9 snowflakes.  I laid out the snowflakes on my mantle to determine how far apart I wanted them to be.  I used the tail of one to pull through the second snowflake in the ch2 sp, and used that as a guide for the chain in between them, and used the count below.

Chain 20, SC in ch2 sp of a snowflake.  [Ch40 & SC in ch2 sp of another snowflake] Repeat for the rest of your snowflakes.  After you SC into your last snowflake, Ch20, and Fasten off.  

For more info on abbreviations and links to sites and videos that will help with certain stitches, please see my blog, “One Crochet Day at a time” at

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